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September 12, 2016, Werock Promod Grand National Champions!

September 12, 2016, Werock Promod Grand National Champions!


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2016 Werock Promod Grand National champion! WHAAAAAAT!

I'm so stoked! I have had an amazing week to say the least. We are still on the road trip home, so it's all just starting to settle in.
Last weekend was a eye opening Ultra4 win and this weekend came with the tag #Nationalchampion.

This was not an easy win and we had to fight for it all the way to the last course. The Blumes had the lead the first day and we had to just keep putting down better scores to reel them back in. Our last course was pretty amazing and exciting and it sealed in the win!

I can't say thank you enough to my friends and family who support me to do this. Jesse Haines , thank you so much for the opportunity to drive such a great car. Dallas stump thanks for coming out and giving spotting a try for me. Josh McLean , thanks for coming out and giving us support at both races. You may not think you do much, but what you do is what makes our team strong and relaxed! Randall RD Davis thanks for spotting for me satuday morning. you really got me out of a pinch!
And thank you to my poor wife Angela Hallenbeck . I just don't know how you deal with me, but you do, and you love it. Your the best woman a man could ask for!

Go team superchips!
@superchips #grands2016 #werocklive #@maxxistires



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