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January 13th, 2014. Bulldog Winches for MMS

January 13th, 2014. Bulldog Winches for MMS


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January 13th 2014.

Marked Motorsports is proud to announce our sponsorship with Bulldog Winches for the 2014 season. Bulldog is not the biggest name in winches, but with their quality line up they are popping up more and more in Ultra4. There is not a driver out there who wants to pull the winch line, but when you need to, the winch has to work and work fast.

The Bulldog 8288 Comp winch has been on our Ultra4 car from the beginning. The 8288 winch is light weight, reliable and built with speed in mind. We are pleased to have Bulldog on board for 2014. We just hope we dont ever have to use it.

For more info on the 8288 winch we run, click below.

Or check out http://www.bulldogwinch.com



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