February 18, 2014, *Part 2* King Of The Hammers 14', 4th Place!

King of the hammers 2014, 4th Place!!!

One thing is for sure in 2015 I will be in the my best physical shape in the last 20 years. The physical demands

of that race were unsurpassed in anything I have ever done in my life. The demands on man and machine

were amazing and I look forward to next year.

Well I think ill end the story there because that's where I ended my day and went to bed.

Thanks to my sponsors who helped us get us and get the car through the race. 

Axial Racing, 
Thank you for the huge support and I look forward to the marketing of 2014. 

RCV Performance, 
What can I say. THE BEST AXLE SHAFTS ON THE PLANET! I can honestly say I might be hurt or worse if I

didn't run them. 

King Shocks,

You guys are outstanding! You come out to King of the Hammers and help anyone in need. You make sure

everything is perfect or you don't put your name on it! that is outstanding and Brett you have been one of my

biggest supporters all year! Again thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

ATX Racing Wheels, 

Chris, we nailed a huge rock at 40+ mph which broke a Dana 60 spindle and blew a tire but didn't faze your

heavy-duty beadlock wheels. Thank you so much for the support in 2013 and again for 2014.


Without Tireballs fourth wouldn't have been an option. Outstanding products Mark! Thank you, and thank you

for your awesome customer support. Seals team 6! Really!

Maxxis tires,

Thank you Creighton, Sean, and Brad the tires were amazing give me plenty of traction in the rocks, and

plenty of traction in the high-speed. They were reliable and that's what you need to be on top of the race like


DynoMax exhaust, 

Matt you guys are awesome. You support the teams like no other company in the industry. I'm so proud to say

I'm part of the team. Huge thank you bro. FYI if you need some parts for that Axial wraith give me a call.

Maximum offroad Transmission

Chris is the man when it come to automatic transmissions! We have beat and beat on this 4l60E. She is a

monster. Most teams change a tranny before the big race. This tranny raced the Ultra4 Arizona national

championship, offroad expo exhibition, won us the Norcal rock racing season finally, and completed King of the

Hammers! What can i say? Im going nowhere else for my tranny work bro!


Bomber Fabrication, 

Randy huge thanks man. You have been proud of us for taking out one of your babies and representing for

you. The truth is the car represents itself. She's bad ass bro, thank you. FYI the new fuel pumps coming to you.

Bulldog winch, 

Bob it's always hard to talk about a product that we don't use (or hope we don’t use). As you know you're the

only winch I would want to run and I greatly thank you for your support for 2014. I should also add that for

anybody looking for a winch to order up Bulldog’s catalog. I was shocked to see how much stuff they carry.

Bob lost his old website with all the products and is working on rebuilding the new one daily.

check out www.bulldogwinch.com


Matt Messer, thanks you guys for the support and sponsorship for 2014. Your new rod ends are bad ass. After

the race inspection, we have one loose joint on the entire car. Pushing at the speeds we did that’s awesome.

Huge thanks and sorry for the rock shower and dust storm in whatever Canyon we were in.

Steve Sneveys Offroad, 

This guy is also a Reno boy who started an offroad shop. He called me and to offer some LED lights for king

of the hammers. My first comment was “well I hope I don't need them but if you want to let's do it”. Steve has

not only been a great sponsor he's also been a huge fan and I can't say thank you enough!

XS Battery Power, 
it's another one of those products that I can't say much about because it works every time I need it. Your 925

battery work without a hitch and we didn't even have to go to a secondary battery during the race. Way better

than the competition similar size battery


Vance 3D concrete,

Dude you didn't have to help out or support us but you did. You gave us race fuel and a entire service truck if

we needed it during the race. I can't say thank you enough man. That is top-notch of you. I look forward to racing with you this year. 

Last but not least 4775! 

We come from Northern Nevada, prefix 775 and we are proud to live here. We do this 4-775. Reno Nevada is

a huge Mecca for off-road motorsports. From rock trails, desert racing, to short course we have it all. Rock

crawling is huge here. Maybe bigger than anywhere else in the country. Jump out of your driveway and you

could be at a killer rock Trail in five minutes. 

Huge thank you to everybody locally who has supported us to do this. Jeff Knoll, Adam Benge, Nates

precision, Jesse Haines, Brian Washburn, Scott Pender, Joe Magliano, jake yomen, Micheal Plunkett, and so

many others. You all awesome and thank you. Go 4775!

To all of our fans, freinds, and family who have supported us this year. We are having a huge KOH celebration

party next weekend. Our home, Friday February 21st starting at 5:00. Its also my wifes birthday party. Come

by have some food, have some drinks and lets all swap koh stories! JUST RSVP PLEASE!

Please enjoy some of the photos we have rounded up from the great media who attend the races. It's so

awesome to get home and try to re-live the week by seeing all of your photos and videos


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