September 27, 2011, Marked Motorsports 24 Hour Race Report

September 27, 2011, Marked Motorsports 24 Hour Race Report


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WOW! Where do you start. The ups, the downs. So many stories.

The week of the race was a blur, but the overall result and experience was unforgettable! I have been typing this report for weeks and have come to the conclusion there is just to much information to post.

This has been Marked Motorsports first year offroad racing. With no experience of what to expect, the 24 was all new to the team. We had a new un-raced truck and limited help. Jake Hallenbeck and Preston Coates had never driven those kind of miles or had any idea if the new truck could take it. IT DID!

We battled fuel issues for two days, and had 3 flat tires. The crew in our pit really came together and made a TEAM. Im so proud of everyone. A huge thanks to our crew. Angela Houser, Preston Coates, Gwen Coates, Jack Ingberg, Ryan Riley, Evan Fine, Chris Kathrein, Shana Downs, and a HUGE thank you to David Capell for splitting the driving time with me.

This race required alot of action from the pits and we could not have done it without you!

Special thanks to the Messers, Vorra, and pro pit for also continuing our race.


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