KRX & KRX4 1000 Fuel Tank Vent, Breather, Rollover Valve


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Switch your Roll over vent valve!

Whether you have a California emission model or not, a replacement rollover vent valve is a must do item. There is no reason to pressurize a fuel system. This valve is there for emission reasons only and we highly recommend you change it!

The factory vent keeps pressure in the tank that causes heat soak, hard starting, no start, low power, lean running, and most importantly, a major possibility of fire. 

In 30 years of racing we have NEVER seen one of these in a trophy truck, desert racer, rock crawler, or anything else we can think of. Only emission vehicles have a pressurized fuel system. The pressure and fuel vapor is sucked through a charcoal canister for emission. Its a problem, so get rid of it! 

We have a simple KRX specific replacement vent rollover valve that takes 10 minutes to install. The valve allows air pressure to release from the tank, but when the vehicle is upside down, the valve will stop fuel from dumping out.


1- rollover valve.
2- Zip ties for KRX4 Installation.

Please take care when installing and make sure you are installing it per 2 seat or 4 seat KRX4 orientation. 

KRX 1000 Fitment. The valve is located in the removable panel behind the passenger seat as shown. It is held in with push pin clips. Install in the correct position as shown in the pictures.

KRX4 1000 Fitment. The valve is located under the front center console between the seats as shown. It is held in with push pin clips and 1- phillips screw. The cover will need to be lifted up to install the new roll over valve from the back seat area. You will need to move the hoses as shown. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO HOW THE HOSES ARE ROUTED IN THE PICTURE!  Install in the correct position as shown in the KRX4 pictures.

Push pin plyers can be purchased   ***HERE***



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