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Description of 12mm vs 14mm and the options is below.



In our opinion the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 seats are one of the biggest FAILS of any current utv. Why would Kawasaki not build to the same standards as other brands? Its one thing they overlooked and it needs a remedy.  

Do these scenarios sound familiar? 
A. There is a ton of room behind the seats for storage, but you can't get to it? 
B. Unlike other utv's on the market, the seats have no way to be quickly removed without pulling all the bolts. Just to wash behind them is a nightmare!
C. The slider system is a poor design that should have had a crossbar between the left and right seat rails so they dont "bind" going forward and back. 

Well after months of dealing with these issues we have come up with a low cost, light weight cure.


Full Access UTV seat brackets include many advantages:

-   Lower cost and lighter weight then anything on the market.

-   The seat brackets allow you to flip the seats forward to gain access to behind the seat storage. 

-   Remove two locking pins and the seats can be removed in seconds.

-   Rear locators hold the rear of the seat firmly in place not allowing it to move side to side while riding.

-   A crossover brace is included that attached to the left and right seat rails to help minimize cross binding while trying to slide the seats forward or back. 

-  The brackets add only a 1/2"  to the overall seat height. 1.25" in the front. 

-  5/8" of recline is built into the seat brackets. However, the recline can be changed to zero, or it can be modified to increase it even more. (read more below

-  Install time is less than 20 minutes!


Kawasaki has made a seat mounting bolt change in 2021. Any car built after 4/2021 needs to be checked before purchase of any seat kit. PLEASE check your seat mounting bolts before ordering this kit. Pre 4/2021 production date should be the 12mm kit.

If your seats take a 12mm socket or wrench to remove them, then choose a 12mm Kit in the drop down menu above.
If your seats take a 14mm socket or wrench to remove them then, please choose the 14mm kit in the drop down menu.

These kits are now offered with NEW options: 

1. With KRX78 rear seat lock downkit. Enough for both seats. For more information click  ***HERE***
2. With KRX53 seat leveling kit. If you dont like recline, purchase seat leveling, or add this to be safe. 
3. With KRX50 additional recline kit. This kit adds 5/8" of additional recline for taller people.
4. With KRX50 and KRX53. Additional recline and seat leveling


8- upper and lower seat mounting brackets to do 2 seats.
2- seat cross supports. Now made from 12 gauge steel.
4- Rear locators.
4- quick release pins.
1- 5mm allen wrench.
1- 6mm allen wrench. 
All grade 8/10.9 metric hardware needed to install.


Works with click 6 harnesses. 
Please watch the videos for more detailed installation tips.


Installation instructions and video can be found below


The 14mm installation can also be found below


Seat Lock kit video below:



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    By: Darren R. October 18, 2021
    Great product! Makes the space behind the seat actually usable because now you have access to it! Makes washing the inside of the machine way easier as the seats come out in under a minute! The customer service is outstanding at this company as well!

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