Kawasaki KRX & KRX4 1000 Nitrogen Shock Reservoir Caps (4)



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Our Race HD Billet aluminum shock caps are one of the best upgrades you can do for ride qualty. The stock Fox shocks are known to leak out the nitrogen from the factory on any brand machine. Even worse most are not filled to proper pressure on the assembly line. Our billet caps help eliminate failures from leaking rubber needle valves that will render your shock useless causing an abrupt end to your trail ride.

These caps allow you to re-charge and set your nitrogen levels to factory specifications or better. Recharging to the correct nitrogen level is important. It helps ride quality, premature spring wear, ride height, and shock fade due to having little to no nitrogen. Has your nitrogen leaked out? What are your shock pressures at? Experiencing bottoming out?

Our caps are some of the best in the industry at a great price. 

- Conical shape to promote a smaller area for rocks/debris to hit as well as cause objects to glance off.
- CNC Billet Aluminum with Black anodizing for good looks.
- CNC Billet Aluminum Schrader Cap with O-ring (integrated into the recess of the cap to provide extra support and seals out dirt)
- Fully recessed Schrader valve that reduces / eliminates damage due to rocks/debris/etc to the valve causing nitrogen loss and shock failure. 
- Increases nitrogen volume. 
- Pre installed nickel plated schrader valve.


4- Black anodized reservoir caps, schrader valves, O-rings, and 4 Raw shcrader caps. 
1- Sharader valve extension. (Required for some nitrogen filling tools)


KRX or KRX 4 shocks with "NO" live valve should be set at 175-200 PSI. 
KRX ES or KRX 4 "WITH" Live valve shocks should be set at 100-120 PSI. 

Taking your shocks to a shop that can fill them is required. Offroad shops, shock shops, Bike shops, race teams, and more can fill them. If you would like to do the job yourself, you will need the following. 
1- a nitrogen tank with regulator to shrader valve fill hose. 
1- Nitrogen shock fill kit such as ours    ***HERE***


Here is a bland video showing the basic installation procedure from shock therapy. 



  • Model: KRX106
  • 104 Units in Stock


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