June 2, 2011, Marked Motorsports Finishes The yerington 300!

June 2, 2011, Marked Motorsports Finishes The yerington 300!


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The VORRA Yerington 300 race started with about 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground as we crossed the start finish line. A strange start for a new desert team that had no sleep or time to pre-run due to the new race trucks computer going up in smoke the day before. The team worked through the night to get all the parts swapped back to the old race truck. They finished just in time to get to tech for the 300 mile race.

Starting out in third position of a twelve truck class. The team had a great first lap until they blew a tire off the rim within a mile of the main pits. Not long after leaving the pits they started to experience a slight loss in power. By the 3rd lap the power kept them to a new top speed of 45 mph and by the end of the final lap the truck was pushing a whopping 2.5mph up the last mountain climb. They continued on hoping the truck would stay together and just finish.

 “We made a stop at each pit trying something different to get the power back. Is it fuel or is it the computer? I cant even describe how nerve racking it is to sit in a truck for seven and a half ours trying to diagnose what is wrong. It will drive you insane”. “Even though we had that hiccup I am so proud of our team for getting this truck together and doing such a great job at the race prep. The truck actually finished our first desert race”.  They rocked!”

Without the support of our great sponsors and crew we would not have been able to pull it off. Thank you Preston Coates, Chris Katherin, Matt Pillsbury, Angela Houser, Guinn Coates, Axial racing, CKRC hobbies, Radflo racing, Black night offroad lighting, Summit racing, and of course BFGoodrich tires.


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