Why A Honda V6? Size, Weight, Tunablity, Honda Reliability!






Lets Talk Honda reliability.

The J-series was Honda's second V6 engine family, introduced in 1996. It is a 60° V6. The J-series was designed for transverse mounting. All current J-series engines are SOHC 4-Valve designs with VTEC Variable Valve Timing.

The J-series engine was designed in the United States by Honda engineers. It is built at Honda's Anna, Ohio engine plant.

One unique feature of some J-family engine models is Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system. The system uses the I-VTEC system to turn off one bank of cylinders under light loads, turning the V6 into a straight-3.

The proven V6 design has been used by manufacturers such as Acura, and Saturn. Over the years these engines have shown there worth by driving OVER 300,000 miles with proper maintenance.

This makes it great for customers. Not only do you get a engine with the proven reliability of going 300K miles, you can also get them relatively cheap at wrecking yards because they were so commonly used and replacement engines are usually not needed because of the reliability.

Lets Talk size and weight.
Specs on the honda V6 engine:
Width: 21.25", valve cover to valve cover.
Height: 27" to 28.25", depending on the intake year. Bottom of oil pan to top of intake.
Length: 18.50". Front of crank pulley to back of block.
Weight of a Honda 3.5L Engine ready to be installed, intake, pulleys, etc, 273 lbs!
Why A Honda V6? Size, Weight, Tunablity, Honda Reliability! - Click Image to Close

Lets talk tuning.
Custom engine Tuning more often than not is a complete nightmare. Most anyone who has ever used a tuner knows the nightmares that usually occur. Dont get us wrong, there is a exception to the rule but they are very far and few between.

These are just some common issues:
A. Cant find a tuner in your area.
B. You find one 2 hours away only to only find out he has a nice dyno and flashy ride but has no idea how to use tuning equipment specifically for your year and make vehicle. You still get charged $500.00 plus with poor results.
C. Car runs great in the shop but wont run right when you get home or start it the next time.
D. Change elevation and the fuel mapping is way off . Car is to lean or to fat and runs hot. Its just doesnt run right where you need it to.
E. You just keep going back throwing money at him until he gets it right. Which he usually never does. You end up finding a new engine tuner and throw some more money at him.
Do it right the first time and use the factory Honda computer. Honda computers are far superior to Gm, Dodge or Ford computers as far as pre-programmed tun-ability.
The Honda ECU self adjust to altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature to adjust the fuel, timing, and spark. It always makes sure it running at optimum performance and will self compensate for intake, or exhaust modifications. Other manufacturers ECM's will only compensate a little to correct the issue. No tuner required.
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