November 22nd, 2013 Trail-Gear Rod Ends Sponsorship

November 22nd, 2013

Marked Motorsports is proud to announce our sponsorship with Trail-Gear for the 2014 season. Trail-Gear has developed a new line of severe duty rod ends that our team has been testing. These rod ends have held up to our severe abuse with great success. Even though we are running smaller 3/4" upper rod ends, these have proven to hold up better than any we have used thus far. Trail-Gear is working hard to get into the buggy builder market and with hit products like these they are sure to impress.
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Here is some info on these awesome rod ends.

Trail-Gear ROD ENDS

Rod Ends


Don't be fooled by lookalike rod ends, they are not all the same. Trail-Gear rod ends are the strongest on the market, tested, and proven. The main body of this rod end is 100% 4340 chromoly and then finished with a zinc coating, the ball is made out of AISI 52100 material and then hard chrome-plated for a tough finish. The liner is made out of a teflon. The best part is that there is no need to pay for jam nuts, because Trail-Gear rod ends come with them.

Features:Steel alloy body

  • Heat treated
  • Zinc plated
  • Teflon lined
TG Kit Part # Industry Standard Part # Bore Size Thread Load Rating
186027-KIT JMX12T .750" 3/4-16 28,100 lb.
186028-KIT JMXL12T .750" 3/4-16 LH 28,100 lb.
186025-KIT JMX14T .875" 7/8-14 55,700 lb.
186026-KIT JMXL14T .875" 7/8-14 LH 55,700 lb.
186023-KIT JMX16T 1" 1-14 107,183 lb.
186024-KIT JMXL16T 1" 1-14 LH 107,183 lb.
186021-KIT JMX16T-1 1" 1-1/4-12 107,183 lb.
186022-KIT JMXL16T-1 1" 1-1/4-12 LH 107,183 lb.

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