MMS "Simply Straight" Self Centering Rear Steering








"Simply Stright" Self Centering Rear Steering Kit 
Marked Motorsports self centering rear steer kit is a proven winner! Current Werock rock crawling champion Jake Hallenbeck has been testing this system for over a year to make it the most reliable, smallest. lightest and easiest to install system on the market. Designed for double ended steering rams, this kit simply centers the rear steering with the push of a button.
The system is easy to install and the electronic switches can be mounted almost anywhere.  
This is a complete system also including a closed center rear steering valve. All the electronics are sealed in a weatherproof box with a weatherproof bulkhead connector For simple and clean installations. 
4- pages of schematics to simplify installation. It covers front and rear steering plumbing, wiring, and operation.
1- Electronic rear steering control valve with water proof wiring connectors. 
1- miniature flow port to connect to ?? steering lines.
2- steering ram clevis mounts for the sensors to read steering ram throw.
1- left and right steering sensor mount. Weld them to any axle.
1- tripple sealed waterproof toggle switch for , left, center, right.
1- tripple sealed momentary push button switch for return to center. 
1- 3.5X3.5" sealed electronics box. completely sealed and done.
1- 3 way wiring harness. The harness is split 3 directions for simplified installation. A. to switches, B. to power and ground, C. to rear axle sensors. 
Please Note:
a) Does not include steering ram, orbital valve, lines or any other required hydraulic equipment. Please call for recommendations.  
b) please email or call us with the brand steering ram you have and the shaft throw length. 8, 8.5, 8.75, 9, 10, 11?
c) our wiring harness is 6ft long. All wires are not shrink tubes so installation can be customized later. 

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 31 August, 2017.