June 11th 2014, Ultra4 Nor Cal Stampede, 3rd Place

Ultra4 Nor Cal Stampede, 3rd Place
What a great race. So much to say, but I will keep it short.
We made a lot of huge changes to this car for stampede. 16 hour days for 2 weeks to be exact. Everyone knows how new untested parts and changes can be. Terrifying, but in the end it all worked out and the changes felt great.
Highlights: It was awesome to qualify 2nd behind Tom Ways and even better to have a 30 minute battle with the raining King Loren Heally. The man drives on the edge and just like every race, I learned a few things watching him bicycle that buggy to the edge.
The main race was a battle. We were covered in mud and experienced some new engine temperature bugs that kept us off the pace. In the end we were able to hold on for 3rd place!
Bernie, Angela, Chris, Josh, and Matt. If it wasnt for everyone of you helping me and pushing me to get this car done, we never would have made it. I love all of you and im blessed to have such great friends and family to support me! POW!
Huge thanks to my sponsors who make this all happen for us. Please support those who support us and our sport and SHARE!
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